Music and Bycicles

Welcome to the Bicycles

Welcome to the Bicycles,

We pay tribute to the indie pop quartet bicycles from Canada, who became famed for their release of The Good The Bad & The Cuddly. For their fans the group was unique due to touring the USA and Canada on bicycles. In 2007 the popular interactive board game was released inspired by their first album. Their second album, Oh No It’s Love hit the number one spot on the chart and stayed the top track for six weeks at the Canadian Campus.


After the band took an indefinite break, they returned to launch their third album, Stop Thinking So Much. Magazines praised the band for its hyper bubble-gum pop that got even kids dancing and upon their return to stage crowd’s yelled that the band should never break up again.

Not sure if the band Bicycle started the era of Rock, Pedal & Roll but it brought on the coolest folk funk band music powered by pedal power. The Ginger Ninjas was also a traditional funk band and their performances where powered by fans and members of the audience paddling to keep the instruments powered. They went full throttle and trailers were rigged to their bicycles.

Music and bicycles have an interesting history which continues to impress even today, apart from cyclist using music to keep them motivated during races, it also offer great companionship during practicing. Several playlists is available for cycling training and spinning classes plans their sessions with according to RPM counts and rhythms complements up hill, flat seated, slowdown, race pace and other exercises.

Spinning instructor’s shares their playlists already mapped out with songs to accommodate several actions and popular song choices includes tracks from David Guetta, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and many others.

The Toronto Bicycle & Music Festival is extremely popular and travels between three locations followed by thousands of cyclers, it’s the perfect way to spend the day in several parks and offers live music from Wilderness of Manitoba, Abigail Lapell, Gentleman Reg, Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad, Evalyn Parry, Les Petits Nouveaux, The Complete Street Band, Garbageface, Griffin, Richard Laviolette, Kit Wilson and QuiQue Escamilla. Launched in 2002 the festival can also be enjoyed in San Francisco, Chico and Seattle.

Makes Music New York started off in Prospect Park and offered a unique show performed by cyclers following leading bikes, with 50 of them fitted with bells, all pitched differently to make music in the parks.

Several classic composers and other artists utilizes bicycle parts to bring new sounds, Steven Baber meticulously recorded over long periods of time to experiment with sounds from spokes, gears and other bicycle parts. Johnnyrandom exclusively used bicycle parts in creating awesome sound, and he labels riding a bike as a musical practise in a more metaphorical way.

Music and Cycling combines a long history of tradition, ethnicities in style and form. Certain things are considered musical instruments, some say certain things which aren’t. A violin playing music is considered normal but then have you heard chainsaw playing a well-known melody?

The idea to create musical sounds from things not seen by others to be musical appeals to many artists, the results from making music on bicycle parts astounding!