Music and Bycicles

Tracks Spinning Instructors Love

Spinning classes at gyms are one of the most popular exercises for losing extra pounds, getting fit and toning. The popularity of this form of exercise is that it gives each person a chance to be part of a group workout, yet each can participate to improve his/her fitness level. The music used during classes are played loud and increase activity with minutes per beat combining with uphill, stamina and endurance. Instructor’s sets up a playlist according to the exercise activities planned for 60 minute classes, including warm up and stretching at the end of each class. Regular tracks used include the following tracks in no particular order.

Imagine Dragons is a popular choice, especially the song I Bet My Life, this sweet track written for parents about all the worry caused by children. The song is perfect for a heavy seated climb and brilliantly adds energy with its chorus.


Dangerous Banging remixed by David Guetta offer well over 3 minutes of a relentless climb and the rhythm is bound to keep energy up to perform at max while this track is playing. Prayer in C is a song launched in 2010, although the remix version done by Schulz remix only appeared in 2014, it was remix that went straight to number one in over 21 countries in America the highest it reached was 69 on the hot 100 billboards. It is fantastic for cool down energy, versatile, can be great for climbing, jumps, and seated flat spinning.

Within Temptation is a great to use for maximum energy in a race to the finish line exercise. It’s a favourite from Radioactive. For seated flat acceleration, Angel in Blue Jeans is often used, and other greats that can be used for the same tempo of exercise include folk songs by Phillip Phillip, Ed Sheeran, You Love Me back by Jann Arden, Taylor Swift’s hit Shake it Off and Lee Ann Rimes, which is also great for flat acceleration when it gets to the chorus.

A perfect cool down with a hint of energy is the track by O.A.R called Peace, this song by the Maryland rockers offer a nice folksy rhythm. Circles is a British electronic band and in 2012 released I see MONSTAS, its relentless beat is extremely suitable for opening up a flat road session with great rhythm. For a nice touch to a seated flat or just riding session Liberate from Eric Prydz offer over 5 minutes of endurance training.

For seated flats as well as a nice cool down, Clean Bandit, offer some great piano, awesome background singers and their song that hit number one in Britain is Heaven in Our Headlights. The pulsing beats make the track very usable for seated flats, it compliments any workout especially when it was started by A Sky Full of Stars from Coldplay. To heat things up in the middle of the workout there is simply no better beat than Ariana Grande’s track called Break Free, and everyone then knows it will be a strong hill climb or they will realise it soon. Should class members need a bit of inspiration or motivation after this Gasoline and Matches could do the trick. Fit in Kiesza’s Hideaway and your session could be nothing but though, great and working all muscles at the same time.