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Tour De France – Song Most Downloaded

Just as the cycling Tour de France was about to start in Yorkshire a list counting down the most downloaded songs about bikes was published. With the Tour de France being the biggest event for cycling enthusiast celebrating included a few two-wheeled songs of praise. Songs about bikes most downloaded pedal-happy tunes count down follows below.

The song that that came in as the sixth most downloaded was C’ Mon Let Me Ride, in which Skyler Grey sing about how keen she is to ride Slim Shady’s bicycle. Both Grey and Eminem contributes to the songs popularity that was originally released in 2012.


It’s Bicycle from Queen that was the fifth most enjoyed and downloaded at the time. This very famous song about cycling was originally released in 1978 as a double sided single to Fat Bottom Girls. In 1978 Bicycle Race was number 11 on the chart peak.

Silver Machine, from British rocker Hawkwind, were downloaded by many cycling fans and enjoyed the spot as the fourth most downloaded song. Written by Robert Calvert, Silver Machine reached the number 3 spot on the top 40 hits parade in 1972.

The third song most downloaded called The Bike Song is a dashing dishy number from DJ Mark Ronson & the Business Intl. This DJ’s song offers a strong argument for the dominance of two wheelers vs four wheelers and was part of his second album. The bike song featuring the vocals of Kyle Falconer featured at number seven in the top 40 hits and in 2010 peaked at number 17.

Nine Million Bicycles from Katie Melua takes the silver position, this hit released in 2005 was her second single to feature on the top 10. Melua’s first ever single to hit the top 10 was Closest Thing to Crazy, still considered to be one of her greatest hits of all time, which was also the lead single for her number one album called Piece by Piece. Reaching the number five spot on the charts, Nine Million Bicycles is a metaphor for love.

Hip hop rockers Flobots takes gold for the most downloaded bicycle song. Handlebars was their only UK hit and describes doing things not recommended for doing your proficiency test while riding your bike, it hit number 14 on the charts in 2008.

If you expected to see the track called Bike from Pink Floyd on the list, it actually qualified in the number 7 most downloaded position. The song by the British rock band was part of the group’s debut album in 1967. Written by Jenny Spires the song is about a bicycle borrowed and a clan of a gingerbread man in a cloak.

The mixtures qualified just below Pink Floyd with their song called Pushbike, which were released in 1971, at that time reached the number two position on the hit charts. Just below the funky Pushbike song is Engelbert Humperdinck’s Les Bicyclettes De Belsize released in 1968 that reached the top 5 charts.

Songs that did not make the list include Bicycle for Two, which was sang by several artists and many would have thought it would make the list. My White Bicycle was also performed by different artist including Nazareth also did not feature under the top ten as expected.