Music and Bycicles

Toronto Bicycle & Musical Festival

The Toronto Bicycle Music Festival is an extremely popular yearly series of free outdoor concerts faced towards pedal-powered bands and takes place in the city’s community parks. Free concerts can be enjoyed normally during September and music fans get to follow the music across the city from Grange Park, to Allen Gardens, to Christie Pits Park.

The geographically distinct concerts are strung together by huge group rides and these venue bridging cycling journeys are fun, save and accompanied by musicians performing from a bike trailer stage. The concerts are organized by Tune Your Ride and is part of the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival presented in partnership with Cycle Toronto from since 2010.


Performances in these concerts previously has included Maylee Todd, The Strumbellas, Charlotte
Cornfield, Amelie & Les Singes Bleus, Lemon Bucket Orchestra, Tomboyfriend, Wilderness of Manitoba, Jeremy Fisher, Great James, Lenni Jabour, Abigail Lapell, Snowblink, The Rucksack Willies, Gentleman Reg, Communism Willow Rutherford, Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad, Evalyn Parry, Les Petits Nouveaux, The Complete Street Band, Ozere, Rae Spoon, Garbageface, Griffin, Richard Laviolette, Kit Wilson, Yang, Kae Sun, and QuiQue Escamilla.

What you need to enjoy these concerts include a bike, although the venues are accessible by transit, so you can take part even if you’re not on two wheels, but then come with a picnic blanket, a picnic, warm clothes and some money to donate in support of the festival.

Volunteering with the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival, include key roles such as marketing and promotion, day of roles, performer and volunteer food, stage crew responsible for equipment setup and takedown, bike roadies, merchandise sales, donations/pass the hat, supervision of generator bikes, master of ceremonies, group ride marshals, master of bike-powered smoothies, attendance tracker and garbage/recycling. Sponsors include the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Toronto Arts Council, The City of Toronto and the Ontario Arts Council Conseil Des Arts De L’ Ontario. The event normally starts at Allan Gardens at around 1pm, then moves to the Grande
Park from 3:30pm and the last show starts at 6pm at the Christie Pits.

Fun activities at the concerts include dance-offs from Toronto troupe moon runners, the festival website and its Facebook page offer videos of previous events and keep fans updated by announcing new concert dates. The concerts gets more popular yearly and people loves to dance under the trees while enjoying live music.

The Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show launched in 2012 and is another great event, well worth attending. This event takes part in July and visitors dress up in Vintage style to compliment the golden oldies. The show normally takes place at the Trinity Bellwoods Park and is a CBN organized event and every year the turnout exceeds expectations.

The Bicycle Musical Festival is scheduled for September in San Francisco and apart from Toronto also takes place in Seattle and Chico. The festival’s stages are powered by human volunteers that needs to pedal the bicycles throughout the show. If fans stop pedaling the performance comes to a halt, which increase the fun for everyone, great picnics can be enjoyed and at some of the shows great barbeque stands offer great snacks.