Music and Bycicles

Top Music Videos Featuring Bicycles

It’s inspiring that the conventional blogosphere types showing love for two-wheelers, what is great to see is Robin Thicke in NYC bouncing around to the sound of Beethoven disco on a crappy bike in a bike video.

Several video’s for commercials, music videos and even comics now uses bicycles to attract audiences. Robin Thicke uses a video a cyclist in his video to promote the track called When I Get You Alone, circled by yellow Taxis. But one of the most watched videos is Coach Longlegs, these bicycle riders know their way around a music video and stops over in Toronto which gives everyone the opportunity to dust off some of the most inspiring clips.


When it comes to music videos containing bicycles, you might think of promotional clips first. But its young Moz in the video of Stop Me If You Think You’ve heard This Before from The Smiths that features a gang of stonewashed t-shirt followers tossed on Smiths tees, hitting the streets on bicycles to Salford Clubin custom jean jackets.

Kraftwerk get Florian Ralf and others to slip into spandex for an electro –pop, pulse quickening classic. The track is Tour de France and it is bicycles on which the song builds its beat, based on the breathing of the cyclists. Tour De France was also used as a battle staple for breakdance.

Basaraba from Zebra Pulse uses apes wearing masks for its video, the video include material from the 1963 bike safety PSA plus some masks worn by apes with funny hats. Travelon Gamelon is a 1982 release, produced by Richard Lerman. It is seen as a playful release inspired by an Indonesian orchestra combined with amplified bicycles keeping to the rhythm.

What’s Up Fatlip from Fatlip’s video was released in 2005 by Spike Jonze. The ex-Pharcyde member and L.A. rapper flips hip-hop its head with self-deprecating scenarios, chasing a tiny dog he gets the punk injured while wearing a clown costume. He loses his bike with its baby seat fitted on and both the song and the video is fun to watch.

Ride a Bike, Sesame Street is a fun song with a video showing young kids and adults going for bike rides in a park, some with trainer wheels. The huge selection of riders include everyone from casual riders relaxing, serious training and just enjoying cycling in a group. Still the message is clear, it inspires youngsters to get out into nature on fun bikes and even a bike for two is shown closer to the end.

GoPro and other video cameras have completely revolutionized action sports watching especially now allowing everyone to enjoy several sports from the athlete’s point of view. The risks taken in downhill bike racing is more real than ever and even falling is now much more serious seeing it as it happens. Hours of footage is combined with music and you tube offers more variety than ever before of footage added by sport enthusiasts.

Combining the active sport, best relaxing activity over weekends, great music and footage all over the internet, it is quite difficult not to be pedalled into the world of cycling.