Music and Bycicles

New York Makes Music Bicycling

Make Music New York brought musical sequence circles in Prospect Park offered by the sounds of adjusted bicycle bells. In this astounding city it was seasoned, young and casual cyclists who were invited to perform 3specific bicycle bells called the Merche Blasco’s in 2013, from Make Music Winter. Nissim Schaul’s in 2012 premier “Wheels” by P. Spadine. The fun continued and riders got the chance to travel on bicycles in Prospect Park, led by lead bikes in which cyclists wore helmets embedded with lights, to signal bicycle bells all in a variety of pitches. Impressively the bicycles were colour coded and bicycle bells was distributed to 50 participants who were first to join the start of the parade.


In 2015 the Make Music Winter brought more pedal powered music to New York in December and the parade kicked off at 5:30pm at the this time at the Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza following a change of venue to previous years. Again all was invited to join with their bicycles.

Make Music New York is inspired on the Fete de la Musique in France, inaugurated in 1982 which is a national musical holiday. The event is now an international phenomenon, celebrated on the exact same day in over 700 cities around the globe.

When it started in 1989 it was organized by Martin Segal’s New York International Festival of the Arts, the then 187 concerts honoured the bicentennial of the French Revolution. The event was absent from New York City for the first 17 years.

The largest music event to grace Gotha is now in its tenth year, Make Music New York, is a unique festival of over 1,000concerts offered free to the public in public spaces throughout New York City. Held yearly on June 21st MMNY is an event or concert that take simultaneously place with similar festivities around the world in over 700 cities an exciting globally celebration of music making.

Starting at a great time in the morning the event kicks off at 10 am and lasts till 10pm, it offers musicians of all creeds, ages, and musical persuasions Latin Jazz, hip hop to opera, punk and rock performing in the parks, on sidewalks, in the streets, stoops, plazas and cemeteries. All musical forms are featured including high school bands, MMNY is open to anyone who wants to attend.

The event stops at 10pm as no loud amplified sound is allowed in NYC, after 10pm. In many areas loud sound can only go until 8pm plus parks are limited to 4 hours loud sound per location. Unlike most music festivals:

The stage for this festival is New York City itself, no stages are constructed although some of the local performers do their own and for those securing additional permits are required needed. Performances commonly take place at the same level as the fans and audience.

Musicians have complete artistic control. For those who want to perform with a different guitarist than previously announced, or take an extended 20 minute solo boosted with bass solo no additional permission is required, it really is open to all and everyone can take part including professionals, amateurs, mainstream or unfashionably bizarre performance, become part of Make Music New York!