Music and Bycicles

Music to Boost Cycling Performance

Music is a lifesaving for any indoor and outdoor training. Once your body gets tired it is the music, lyrics that keeps motivating any athlete to keep pushing until the goal is reached. The ergogenic influence from the music playing during intense workouts, races or rides helps athletes to psychologically cope with intense fatigue.

Music is an integral and elemental form of human expression and since the advent of portable music devices, they have increasingly become a part of all athlete’s wardrobe. Music is the best companion for any runner, cyclist or walker. Riders will be the first to agree that music is a must to have while exercising for a psychological lift. Trance music has a consistent tempo of 142 beats per minute.


For a 70k cycling session, cycle by jogfm combined a great playlist. The list can be downloaded as is or athletes can select their favorites and download it direct to their mobile device to form part of an exciting playlist. The songs include Money for Nothing by Dire Straits 69 RPM, Carmina Burana by Trans-Siberian OrchestraRPM 69, Same Ol’ Situation by Monte Crue 70 RPM, Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss 71 RPM, Life During Wartime from Talking Heads 69 RPM, Roar by Katy Perry 45 RPM, Daft Punk’s Rinzler RPM 45, DMX song Ruff Ryders Anthem RPM 45, Sweet with Ballroom Blitz RPN 113, Pool from Ballroom Blitz RPM 113, Bodies by Drowning Pool 65 RPM, On the Floor Jennifer Lopez RPM 65 and Sean Paul’s Touch the Sky RPM 65.

The Xenecide’s Cycling playlist include Feel Good, Gorillaz 69 RPM; Stronger 52 BPM, Kanye West; Bleed It Out 70 RPM, Linkin Park; Accidentally in Love, Counting Crows 69 RPM, Bonnie & Clyde, JayZ and Beyoncé RPM 90; Gold Digger, Kanye West 46 RPM; SOS, Rihanna 68 RPM; What Goes Around, Justin Timberlake RPM 76; Light Up the Sky, Yellowcard RPM 46; Run This Town, JayZ RPM 46; Start It Up, Lloyd Banks RPM 81; Livin’ on a Prayer, Bon Jovi RPM 61; Fly Away, Lenny Kravits 80 RPM; 99 Problems, JayZ 60 RPM; Rock Your Body, Justin Timberlake 50 RPM; Bottoms Up, Trey Songz RPN 74; DJ Got Us Falling in Love, Usher 60 RPM; You and Me, Lifehouse RPM 70 and Like a G6 by Far East Movement with an RPM of 62.

Studies have revealed that listening to music throughout exercise works miracles on the body and mind. It’s quite possible for athletes to improve their results by listening to music and utilizing it as a motivational tool and even as a distraction from fatigue. It also boost your workout with a fun element and you can listen to your favourite soundtracks without any destructions.

Some athletes enjoy music that matches their pace, others just set up their playlist with music they enjoy. Regularly adding to your existing playlist keeps it fresh, although a monthly new list will increase your workout and keep cycling or running exciting with new tracks to listen to.

A variety of playlist offer great options and setting up playlists for different distances also could tell you how long you have been on the road by knowing the time that have passed, identified from the track, get the pump up songs to come closer to the end to keep your mind on track, songs that perfectly matches your pace is great for the harder times and before you know it, the race or workout will be done and you will feel on top of the world.