Music and Bycicles

Music from Bicycle Parts Used as Instrument

These acts and sounds are few and far between, but there are several ways bands combine their love of bicycles and music.

Steven Baber is a designer of musical instruments and a variety of other stuff with a difference. He creates sounds coaxing music from some very unlikely objects. Asked how he gets his ideas, he shared that he continuously listens to sounds, even when he walks down the street or sit a restaurant. He also shared that it gets so distracting he has to sleep with earplugs.


His surroundings is what serves as his inspiration and his orchestra. It all started from when Steven was a youngster, hearing the spikes of his bike and from then he wished he could play instruments that well. And then he started doing just that, he makes music from sounds produced by bicycle parts. He feels nothing is as exciting or fascinating than discovering sounds that maybe nobody’s ever made on a bike, or maybe nobody has had the obsession before to make music from bike parts.

Steven Baber spends long periods of time, meticulously recording and tediously experimenting, searching to find just the right tones. He accumulated hundreds of different sounds and says when it comes composing, it is all about layering these recorded sounds by trying different combinations. He was the designer for the sounds in the crunch that can be heard in the commercial uses for Doritos. To perfect this sound he bought bags of chips recorded the sound of eating it, then experimented by layering 15 sounds together, and achieved the required crunch.

Composer Johnnyrandom also used bicycle parts to make awesome music and describes riding a bike as a musical experience in a more metaphorical way. To him includes spokes clicking, brakes squealing and derailleurs clangs. The music composed by playing his bicycle are positively gorgeous and one of this clips called Bespoken can be obtained from iTunes or listened to on Vimeo.

As composer Johnnyrandom created an exclusive musical symphony from everyday objects. His debut single called Bespoken exceeds the role traditional instrumentation plays in music and now available on Sound Cloud everyone can enjoy his creative art, which are thought-provoking music. By using parts from bicycles including disk brakes, chains and spokes, sounds created are then extracted, processed to become an astounding sound clip.

Johnnyrandom has become popular for his record breaking innovative art of making music that breaks new ground in musical created by everyday compositions. Bespoken, explores the full potential of sounds generated from bicycles and their components, transcending the role of traditional instrumentation as the accepted method for creating beautiful and thought-provoking music.

Music has a long history behind it, and with any tradition comes ethnicities of form and style. For music, there are certain things that are considered musical instruments and certain things which aren’t. For example, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear a violin playing music, but if you were to hear a chainsaw playing a well-known melody, you would be.

Many people have found the idea appealing to create musical sounds from things not seen by others to be considered musical.