Music and Bycicles

Classical Music Inspired by Bicycles

Taking a look at several examples of classical music from composers redefined by utilizing bicycle bells, pedals, bars and spokes and creates something harmonious. The use of bicycle components add magical sounds to classic music.

Elgar and Mr Phoebus got you covered if listened to when travelling across county lanes that takes you over the Malvern Hills. In the early 1900s the trip could well be taken by paddling on a Royal Sunbeam bicycle. Elgar’s perfected great sound called it Mr Phoebus and it’s recognized as his finest tunes.

One hundred and eleven cyclist is needed to perform the Argentinian composer’s piece called Eine Brise. Cyclists ding their bells, whistles, and generally are required to make sounds directed by the roadside, and the highway has never been this much fun, thanks to Eine Brise.


Flip Baber made his innovative argument a Christmas commission, based in San Francisco he called it Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and it is truly a Nutcracker for bike parts. Sampling sound from his own bicycles give an exciting twist to his music.

Nick Fell composed the ps[c]yched and it for music from bicycles and string quartet. Glasgow was chosen for its premiere on the 14th of June 2014. Different bike sounds was created by the Coull Quartet and the piece was a collaboration between Glasgow and Warwick in conjunction with the foundation for Music in a project called Beyond Borders.

Richard Lerman was born in San Fransisco, this successful composer grows his musicians to utilize bicycle spokes with wood or metal for a 1982 composition, makes a conventional change with barbed wire from his other pieces and cactus needles plucked by rainfall in Travelon Gamelon. Bicycle Ride is a composition from Alexandre Gretchaninov, this Russian composer takes classical fans on a brisk ride on a bike that lasts a full 38 second, with great piano to complement the ride.

Singing bicycles is a symphony by Godfried-Willem Raes, it takes a minimum of 12 cyclists. Their bikes are fitted to an electricity generator, with loud speakers attached and the length of the tube is carefully calculated. With each bike required to produce a very specific musical scale, the tubing allows wind to whistle through it. The symphony has been performed in several countries for over 100 times. This symphony by Raes a well-known Belgian composer sounds at times better in theory than some say in practice.

Velocipede Polka is a symphony by the son of Johann Strauss, Josef Strauss first was a keen engineer and invented revolving brush vehicles, horse drawn to sweep streets. He then composed The Mysterious Powers of Magnetism a waltz that was well received.

Beni Mora is a Gustav Holst composition, after he cycled across the Algerian Sahara desert, he found it to be super relaxing and was inspired by his trip to compose Beni Mora upon his return.

Just as his career was beginning to flourish, Ernest Chausson, a French Romantic composer rode his bicycle at high speed down a hill, hit a brick wall and went to meet his maker.