Music and Bycicles

Bicycle Music

With an abundance of songs about bicycles, here are a short list of great titles by some of the most popular bands, singers, groups and bands. Although many would be easily recognizable others could be ones readers have never heard off. A quick self-test could be fun, ticking off how many of these you thought off even before reading the list.

DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR’s song “Bike Ride to the Moon” by is part of their album called Chips from the Chocolate Fireball, released in 1987. This is an up-beat tune and its melody is similar to Bike performed by Pink Floyd.

POOPIEHEAD released a song called “Cycling is Fun” from their Peek-A-Boo compilation in 1995. It’s a happy-go-lucky, celebrating the delights of cycling. Its 2nd verse though is in Japanese, for a reason unknown.


In 2003 RANDY NEUFELD & FRIENDS sings “Funner than Cars”. It’s an original acapella original and several singer’s gives superiority to bicycles over cars. Unfortunately most calls the song fairly uneventful.

ORESHABAND released “Jitensha” in 2010. This all female group from Japan delivers this outstanding number in Japanese, “Jitensha! Means Bicycle! The song quickly became a theme song for kid’s animation programs, although not originally aimed as a kid’s song, Japanese television used it continuously for programs containing bicycle content.

PINK FLOYD “My White Bicycle”, British psychedelia Pink Floyd were consistently cited as first-generation figureheads of the London-based underground sound. Pink Floyd continued doing what they did best and became superstars, attracted millions of fans through their recklessly imaginative and innovative music, their song writing abilities, nimble harmonies, psychedelic guitar work, and audacious structures. Their tracks were tightly woven in comparison with most psychedelic bands, singles especially “My White Bicycle “were underground favorites, unfortunately this group only recorded one album before breaking up in 1968. Lead singer Keith West, had a number two British hit with, which inspired the rest of the band.

Actually written at the time about the ease of getting an easy bike ride in Amsterdam, “My White Bicycle” almost immediately became a hit. In fact white bicycles in Amsterdam used to be all over and if you needed to go somewhere you could use a bike, strange but you’d were at the time able to take the bike and then just leave it for the next person who needed it. When the band heard about it, they went to Amsterdam and wrote the song. The main guitar theme came from what they were listening to at the time, including Gabor Zarbo and Ravi Shankar. So its influence were mainly Indian.

TEEN TITANS made “Schwinn 24” a hit from the Peek-A-Boo collecting, which they launched in 1995. There’s punk distortion and that is noticeable even on the verse vocals, but then it gets interestingly enjoyable by charming chanting harmony building up to the chorus, punctuated just before the chorus by screaming “Peddle UP, peddle DOWN, peddle ALL around town, on my Schwin 24.”

Other well worth listening songs about bicycles include Training Wheel Rag a jazzy number by ASYLUN STREET SPANKERS. Why Don’t We Do It in the Road by the BEATLES, Riding My Bike by MADNESS, Pedal Revolution by JENNY HOYTON, I Ride My Bike by LEX ZALETA and The Pushbike Song by THE MIXTURES.