Music and Bycicles

Bicycle Music Festival

The world’s largest pedal-powered concert went to Oakland after 7 years of San Francisco enjoying yearly Bicycle Music Festivals. Starting form 2014 a year that was truly enjoyed mightily, BMF brought its joy to Oakland. To intensify the message of public power. It was also during this festival that pedal power scientists enjoyed the opportunity to display to their skills.

At some of the stimulating events, it was noticed that traditional rally formula of speaking was heavy on the ear, while music was light and most preferred. So the formula was turned around and bike-music people could now enjoy more partying in the middle of the powerful messages. Live music included local organizations such as Fertile Ground Institute and 350 Bay Area to co-present a hybrid Bicycle Music Festival Climate Rally.


The scheduled BMF took place in collaboration with the open street Walk bike event and Love Our Lake Day in which streets are closed around Lake Merritt to traffic, open to pedestrian cheerfulness. Apart from the BMF’s at the Amphitheater, another 50 fun bike & pedestrian was all happening at the same time to truly offer a day of fun activities around the lake that day!

The pedal-power ability was taken to fresh heights with the world’s biggest pedal-powered sound consisting of up to 30 bikes, with a smoothie station of expanded bike-blended ice cream recipe from a professional chef. Around 5pm the festival picked Oakland was a city in which bike rides took to the streets with a Live-On-Bike parade.

A bunch of new things was tried and worked beautifully at the Bicycle Music Festival including creating a unique surround-sound experience and an indoor BMF venue having pedal-power bikes positioned up in the balcony a pedal-powered light show, excited to share innovative new ways to combine bicycling and music.

The task of the Bicycle Music Festival is to encourage maintainable ethos in general plus bicycle culture in specific, by physically appealing and immersing the public in the thrilling of bike culture, humanising and cherishing a network of local eco-minded musicians by offering free, community participation in a climate perfected by musical events and bicycle-based activity. The Bicycle Music Festival is by far the most enjoyed and largest one hundred present bicycle-powered music festival in the world.

The Bicycle Music Festival was first founded in 2007, an all-day and late night event offered free and historically taken place in San Francisco annually. As the years passed the Bicycle Music Festival got more popular every year and created not only the most relaxed atmosphere but encouraged thousands of people to get back on the seat of a bicycle, which improved their health through increased activity. The festivals is also the most exciting event for musicians to connect with the public and great friendships have formed in which families now yearly meet to enjoy a day and night of endless fun open to serious, casual and even children riders. For those who have not yet got their bikes ready for the next one, a picnic blanket is sufficient for this amazing festival.