Music and Bycicles

Best Songs Around Bicycles by Male Vocalists and Bands

Snow blizzards in Chicago and New York comes and goes, it reminds of a time when bicycles whizzed by below, delivery boys dressed in padded jackets, commuters alike, pedaling spontaneously toward their destination.

The playlist of the most popular songs themed bicycling, great to listen to while travelling, perfect for cycling and often just nice to relax too include the following hits.

Bicycles Are Red Hot: The song, a hilarious gem came off TV on the Radio’s first album released by this Brooklyn band. The humor outplayed sonic deviation makes it quite difficult to pick what exactly the guys are singing about, but in the end all that really matter is that the Bicycles are red-hot. Specifically in Brooklyn.


Bicycle Song: The song is all about the invention of the bicycle, he chorus focusses on how good this inventions is and it’s by a famous band called the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

It’s A Beautiful Day: A song about surfers, guys on their bicycles and sunny LA. It’s funky tune that motivates everyone to get outdoors. Done with Beach Boy perfection the song get the message across that beautiful days should be spend on your bicycle.

Broken Bicycles: A song about busted chains, rusted handle bars, rain and asks the question if an orphanage for unwanted items nobody wants exists. Tom Waits sings about broken bicycles and love that remains out in late July rains.

Bike: This song by Pink Floyd is about a bike with a basket and a bell and the singer would give the bike to the girl who fits into his world, although he already borrowed it to someone. The song is about giving the right girl anything she wants, yet the bike is the first thing on offer.

Tour De France: A 1983 song that peaked at number 22 on the UK charts. It uses mechanical sounds and German lyrics to focus on the popular cycling tour. The song from Kraftwerk celebrates the participant’s competitive spirit in the Tour De France.

Riding On My Bike: A song by Madness about riding for charity and getting sponsorships. The background vocals gives the impression of opponents riding close behind.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle: Queen makes it clear that Freddy Mercury wants to ride his bicycle and that is all he wants to do. Its lyrics includes that races are coming your way and that its time to forget your duties and get cycling. A great song also remaindering listeners that cycling is way more important than Superman, Star Wars or Peter Pan.

Bicycle: A song by VYBZ is about a variety of bicycles in true rap style and include BMX riding, bicycling to school and just enjoying a bicycle ride on the beach. The combination of dance music with rap also include cycling as an exercise and its benefits.

On a Bicycle Built for Two: A golden oldie by Nat King Cole is about a bicycle for more than one person, the fantastic time shared by two people in love and getting married. Although a stylish marriage is out, the romantic song is about how sweet Daizy looks on the seat of a bike.