Music and Bycicles

Best Songs Around Bicycles by Female Vocalists & Bands

Bicycles were extremely popular from the 19th century and the new designs of safety bicycles were a new fashion fab for both males and females, plus new fitness enthusiast found a great way of exercising outdoors. The vogue for cycling songs continues to bring new hits into the 21st century.


Nine Million Bicycles: Released seven years ago the song is off the album Piece by Piece. Katie Melua enjoyed great success singing about the 9 million bicycles in Beijing. The song is inspired by the fact of the amount of bikes in this area, continues on how many people there is in the world and that the adorable singer is in love with only one. The enchanting lyrics was a hit with millions of listeners across the world. Melua was born in Georgia, Russia, and relocated at age eight with her family to Belfast, where her father worked as a heart surgeon. She joined the British School for performing Arts after taking her GCSEs where her talents were spotted by Mike Batt, producer and composer. Katie shot to critical claim came in 2003 when she was 19 years old and became the biggest selling album artist of the year with her extraordinarily successful with Call Off The Search. Her single Nine Million Bicycles, entered the charts at number five shortly after release.

I Got A Brand New Key: Melanie made this a hit song, singing about her brand new roller skates, and riding her bicycle past your window. The person she wants to see might be ignoring her, although the girl riding her bicycle is determined to get together with the guy who is clearly avoiding her. A great song, catchy and remains popular even today. The song became a huge success due to its uniqueness in 1971. It’s also known to many as the Roller-skate Song due to the catchy chorus. I Got A Brand New Key became Melanie’s greatest success and hit number one on the Hot 100 Billboard by December 1971. It was also the number one song in Australia and Canada, plus it got to number 4 on the United Kingdom Singles Chart.

C’ Mon Let Me Ride: Skyler Grey sings about cycling and this song has great rhythm. Not only a great song to dance too but Skyler also teams up with Eminem to get a little more physical. Fantastic tongue in the cheek lyrics and Eminem answers with lyrics from you want to Ride My Bicycle, slightly changed from the original lyrics borrowed from “I Want to Ride my Bicycle”. The song was released in December 2012 as part of the album “Don’t Look Down”. This song features Eminem, executive producer of her album Don’t Look Down. Grey said on MTV News that the original version, which they all really liked of the song, Eminem suggested that she should revisit her verses, which was a good suggestion, she did and he added his part, so they were bouncing it back and forth until they got it perfect.