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Ginger Ninjas frontman believed that the bicycle is one of the coolest machines invented, but then they are folk-funk band with great pedal powered music.

Since the period of legends such as Beach Boys and Elvis Presley, motorcycles, cars and bicycles was protuberant components in the exciting world of music where rock and roll was king, as important as vehicles was and still is for drag racing, its motorcycles for the Ginger Ninjas, carrying them to nightclubs, and yes it is generally showing off.


But then there is some bands who ride bicycles. The Ginger Ninjas, a traditional funk band from Northern California, decided to tour southern Mexico, you won’t believe it, but they got there, alongside with their musical instruments, and they did it by pedaling. This fully off-grid band, called the Ginger Ninjas takes it a step further and even use a pedal-powered sound system while performing. But they are just one of several musical bands that have decided to reject the usual resource-intensified lifestyle, most other touring bands select a simpler alternative.

Singer and guitarist, Kipchoge Spencer said in an interview that they don’t want to be in Chicago tonight, the next day in Boston and then the day after that in Tokyo it’s too consumptive of resources. It’s a kind of egotism people use up the earth’s resources just to make their own needs happen.

Thirty nine year old, Spencer shared that as his band gains admiration, there is a growing demand for their music, he labels it as mind trembling love groove popular funk with its origins exploding in international pedal driven motion to elevate music for an enjoyable revolution. Their calling is to play at live shows progressively more far, wide, and even abroad. It’s the dream of all musicians, but it’s a force that the Ginger Ninjas and spokesman Spencer select to resist.

Ginger Ninjas, started in 2001, and have by now done six tours, traveling on fully pedal-powered bicycle. Spencer, a passionate cyclist almost all his life, first gave serious consideration to a bike-powered tour in 2006. Musicians rode bicycles from show to show, and at this time the idea started, when they all got on bicycles during a tour of the Olympic Peninsula.

Before vans and several cars carried their gear and roadies, but only a year later the Ginger Ninjas band went full throttle: trailers were rigged to their bikes, each carting between 100 and 200 pounds, they love the rides from Lake Tahoe to Chiapas, Mexico. It was an 80-show tour, mostly played in Mexico, what impressed the audience is that even the sound they made was pedal-powered; this was achieved by placing their bicycles onstage, kind of stationary generators, the excitement was that fans could took turns pedaling the bikes, powering the custom-rigged sound system.

The four-piece band tour each year by riding bicycles, even as far out as south as Guatemala in 2009, Europe in 2010. They also took a train to New York, the a boat to Southampton, then travelled for numerous months by bicycle, rail and played at over 50 shows in Germany, England, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, France and Spain. Of all the nations the group has visited, Mexico has treated the Ninjas most kindly.