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A Tribute to The bicycles

The bicycles was an indie pop quartet from Toronto in Canada and started off with former band members from the Meligrove Band including Dana Snell, Andrew Scott, Drew Smith and Matt Beckett.

In 2000 Smith and Beckett recorded the acoustic EP before Scott, Randy Lee and Snell joined the band to complete the five piece bicycle group. The Good The Bad and The Cuddly was released six years later by Fussy Logic Recordings. The band then toured Canada and the USA to support the album. By 2007 an interactive board game was released based on their album.

Lee left the group in 2008 to become part of the Hyloziosts playing the violin and the four piece band again joined Contreras to release and record their second album called Oh No, It’s Love. This follow up on the first album included vocals and song writing by all four members and the album was at the number one spot on the Canadian Campus chart for over six weeks.


The band were noted by Spin Magazine in their 2008 February addition in a City Guide to Toronto, they also noted that is Wes Anderson could ever join the bicycles he would soak his scarf in tears of joy.

The band announced an indefinite break in March 2009. A few unannounced performances then followed in 2012 and the full line-up played new material, by 2013 they returned and released another great album called Stop Thinking So Much. Several magazines placed articles about the bands return, writing about the band that got the indie kids dancing to their hyper bubble-gum pop for as long as their short sets could carry them in the mid-2000s and was pleased that they were back from a three year hiatus. At several gigs such as the Horseshoe, organized by Samir Kahn, the bicycles were performing songs off their upcoming third album, Stop Thinking So Much, due in April.

Crowd yelled out at these shows that the band was never break up again please but actually the group seemed to have advanced from the time apart and the process of coming back together. The songs on the third released album were new songs mellower, more varied and more concerted, with most of the members taking turns on lead duties, sometimes switching up mid-song. They never stopped rocking or being fun. They actually just branched out and matured plus for fans there was excitement to the freshness, uniqueness of the new material.

Songs most popular from this Canadian pop band includes Two Girls from Montreal, Stop Calling Me Baby, Luck of Love, Sweet Petite, One Twist Too Much, Bandana Cat, Paris Be Mine, I Will Appear for You, Sure Was Great, Leave That Women Alone, What a Fool and Once Was Not Enough.

Fans of the band can now follow them on Facebook, their page describes them as Drone Tones genre. Seemingly there were several contemporary indie pop bands in the 1960s. Few manage to truthfully reproduced sounds of the bubble-gum pop era in their own music, usually through the inability to write bouncy two-minute pop song. Then the Bicycles got it perfect, this Toronto quintet had and still has the bubble-gum sound nailed. Unfinished 2002 sessions and some new recordings featuring guest appearances by John Southworth and members of the Meligrove Band, which Andrew Scott splits his time with, the Hidden Cameras, and the Golden Dogs. The Good the Bad and the Cuddly was released in the summer of 2006.